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The industrialist hotel pittsburgh pennsylvania, Story

Historic Hotel in Pittsburgh

The Industrialist Hotel, Pittsburgh, Autograph Collection is located in the historic Arrott Building, originally a fire insurance business set up by James Arrott. After his demise, the building, mostly vacant in the 70's, was renovated into our boutique hotel.

The Arrott building has, over a period of time, housed many different tenants including manufacturers of a variety of materials, an advertising agency, construction engineers, a detective agency, engravers, a language school, and the Pittsburgh Flood Commission.

Our historic hotel building opened in 1902, at the height of the industrial revolution. Re-imagined as a remarkable hotel, our boutique hotel embodies the best of Pittsburgh, its people, and its spirit of the invention.

The hotel has retained most of the historic architectural features including ground level arrival with ornate, beaux-arts bronze and marble, building top with ornamental columns and lion's heads, large window, and crown moldings throughout. Our hotel honors the past and tells the story of the modern Industrialists who are shaping Pittsburgh into what it is today.

The Industrialist Hotel Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Story